Fall Reflections

I went for a Nature walk with my dogs by the river this week and it was the most beautiful day. It never ceases to amaze me how many times I have photograph this area how I can get a different photograph every time. The view is always changing from month to month. It never stays the same. I LOVE Nature.

6 comments on “Fall Reflections

    • It was a very beautiful day, also quite warm for November, also the river was really calm, so the reflections of what surrounds the water was so clear it was just amazing to see. The bottom picture was stunning to me as well, this actually was the first thought that came to my mind before I capture that picture, and yes it would make a great wall poster.

  1. You are lucky to be in the great part of California. Your reflection images are over the top. The mirror images are so clear, it looks very professionalistic. Great job snapping these.

    • Yes, it is the most in cailifornia….I Love living here. I have lived in southern CA, and I feel at least for me, that Northern California is much better…..Thank you very much for your comment on my images, it means alot to me…:)

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