Very Inspiring Blogger Award

My blog was awarded with this honorable Award by :

I hope that you will  take the  time to go visit Motion Photography

Thank you Motion Photography so much for presenting this distinguished award to Me (Natures Walk Photography)

According to rules of this prize we must: 1. include the logo of the prize 2. place a link to the person rewarding my blog 3. write 7 things about ourselves 4. nominate 15 blogs 5. inform nominees

Seven things about me:

1. I Love to go Horseback riding

2. I won a dance contest one time

3. I’m  Short

4. I have 3 dogs and 1 cat

5. I love to cook

6.  I own my own Business

7.  I have went White Water Rafting on the American River

Now the nominees: splendid blogs which inspire me  (random order)

http://privatetourskilimanjaro.wordpress.comEva Tenter


Please visit this  Special Link : Tylko Fotografia (

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