Cross-Country skiing Weekend

The Trail

Cross-Country skiing Weekend

Beautiful Lake

Cross-Country skiing Weekend

Cross Country Ski’s parked

Cross-Country skiing Weekend

Me and My sister Enjoying irish Coffee by the Lake

Cross-Country skiing Weekend

Fluffy Snow

Cross-Country skiing Weekend

A Cute little snowman we found on the trail

jCross-Country skiing Weekend

It was an Amazing weekend to be out on my ski’s…Had a Blast!

2 comments on “Cross-Country skiing Weekend

  1. I’ve never tried cross country skiing. When we lived in MA. we did ALOT of downhill skiing at various resorts that offered both forms: cross country seemed like a much better idea for me…..but I could never convince the kids to try it!! Consequently I was always trying to keep up with them on downhill runs!
    As an urban kid who was fairly broke growing up, skiing wasnt in my vocabulary. took adult skiing lessons when i enrolled my first son in kiddie ski school at age 4. Needless to say I was the proverbial old dog having to work hard at a new trick!!
    How hard is cross country skiing in comparison?

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