Women want intimacy which is of the HEART



That has the attention of any person living on this planet! After all we have been taught since the time of birth by the television ‘programming’ that sex is something casual. Sex is not to be seen as sacred, but as a carefree way to express’ love’ .

The ancient Hindu concept of free love is finally making it’s way back thanks to the New Age community and the resurgence of YOGA at this time. Oh… conveniently I might add. The common theme for ‘conscious’ sex is as follows.

  • It’s your body and you share it with who you want since you have free will.
  • ‘You are a god in training’ and to be perfected love your self, love your body, love others with the body….

A better example is in the Kama Sutra. Notice the word Kama is cleverly missing the ‘R’ . This is because the actual purpose of…

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