Weekly Photo Challenge: LOVE

What is LOVE?

Weekly Photo Challenge: LOVE
It is one of the most difficult questions for all of us…….

Time passes by,  relationships have bloomed and so has Love. but then sometimes the relationship falls apart…So would you define that as Love or infatuation?… Some people would say yes, it was just infatuation.  Some would say it was Love and some would say it was just a Love lesson to Learning a greater Love….So again, what is really the correct definition of LOVE ?

Weekly Photo Challenge(Reflections)

Can no one really define what LOVE is or give the proper definition of LOVE?…..                                               Weekly Photo Challenge: LOVE

To some Love is friendship that sparks on fire for others… Maybe,  love is like luck.  Some say…. You have to go all the way to the ends of the Earth to find it. Weekly Photo Challenge: LOVE

Well I think if we just step outside in Nature we can experience it, see it,  feel it and learn theses answers  to maybe, What Love is…. Just take a look around and you will see it, feel it…It’s everywhere… LOVE.

Where? right here out in Nature, its everywhere….Just stop and be still….. and take a deep breath…. When you look at the beautiful flower

Pink Columbine Flowers

And watch how it has grown from a seed to a beautiful colorful flower ….You see it, touch it and smell it…. and then think about how it makes you feel…It makes you feel alive and happy …..That is Love…. or maybe you notice a colorful butterfly

Orange Butterfly in the Garden

and notice how it gently fly’s by you and it goes from flower to flower so softly and gently and you notice how wonderful and beautiful that butterfly is….That is Love…or maybe how your pets are always by your side

Summer walk by the River with the Dogs

and how they are always so happy to see you when you come home…That is LOVE…..I think God has given us Nature to teach us LOVE….LOVE is Everywhere…We just need to stop and take a look around its there for all us. A Gift of LOVE from God.

Weekly Photo Challenge: LOVE

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