Weekly Conversation Question


 Photography comes really easy to me. I see something that inspires me and I take a picture.

taking picture However, I have this big problem and that has to do with  communicating with others. Some people might say  no way, but its true! I am really, really shy at times.


I really want to learn how to communicate with confident, so I decided to start “My Weekly conversation Question.”  I really like the idea of connecting with others online and love the idea about striking up a good conversation or just having fun talking and learning what others think, but sometimes fear gets in the way…..and I get stage fright.  So I hope by doing this, it will help me become a better online communicator.  So what I will do is Post a conversation question weekly and start the conversation.

This is a new challenge for me,  so please feel free to let me know what you think….Your input is greatly appreciated.

    Don’t be shy and feel free to join me in The Weekly Conversation.laptop


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