Weekly Conversation Question

Today, I came up with the “Weekly Conversation Question.” So here it goes……When the whole 2012 movement started  a lot of people were talking about the possibility that maybe the world was to come to an End in 2012. Did you think that this could happen? or did you think it was all just a bunch of talk? Did you become more spiritual and start to question your religious beliefs at this time? Did you start to think that maybe there were aliens among us and they were coming to save the Earth? The list goes on….But I thought this could be a good start to get the conversation going. I can’t wait hear your thoughts on this and will be adding mine to.laptop


13 comments on “Weekly Conversation Question

    • Yeah, I agree there was a lot of hosh- posh going on especially on the internet. It made my head spin. However I am still on the fence about this Mayan thing…….I think maybe the calculation of the dates might be wrong……There has been so many natural disasters happing lately and I am wondering if maybe they were off a couple years.

  1. Of course there are chances major disasters could occur. That always the case whether it would occur in 2012 or even tomorrow. I would say it is better to always reflect this from time to time to keep you at peace.

  2. I actually DID worry it might be real, but I tend toward conspiracy theories anyway. It seemed as if so many end times prophecies were aligning and i thought the Mayans were on to something!
    In anticipation of worldly collapse, i took a lot of money out of the bank to keep on hand as cash. Obviously, when nothing horrible happened, I trotted back to the bank and felt kind of dumb!!!

    • Me too….. worried a lot about it. I still think that maybe there is some truth about what the Mayans were onto. Maybe they were off a few years,…We sure have been experiencing a lot of natural disasters lately.

    • I do…..What will be, will be and there is not a whole lot we can do about it. so I choose to celebrate each day I’m here on this beautiful Earth. Because you never know when it will be your last.

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