Weekly Conversation Question

      How do you know when you’re in love?


shyNow Don’t be Shy………I would love to hear what you have to say……..



5 comments on “Weekly Conversation Question

  1. I love at different levels… for years I anticipated a love that would allow myself to ‘know’ and ‘be known’ by another at the core of who I was, and what I had to give. Of course… that it would be reciprocal was the desire.

    I have grown to understand this type of ‘knowing’ at the most basic, yet deep levels… through this knowing, Amy and I have found a place of belonging together.

    We now know love at this intersection of ‘knowing’ and ‘belonging’ that keeps us from judging each other at all… or from retreating from each other.

    That’s two cents…

    -chadwick (www.chadwickandamy.com)

    • That is so wonderful how you both have found a place of belonging together….Perhaps the place of Unconditional Love…Which I believe is the kind of Love we all desire in a with Relationship…..

      Thank you for your wonderful reply to this question.

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