13 comments on “Weekly Conversation Question

  1. I decided to re-started my blog (I was doing it for a college class) because of a few reasons. I needed a way to connect with a mass audience for my books. I wanted a way to share my ideas, get feed back and get new ideas. It was also a way to just express my thoughts and my life experiences with people around the world.

  2. I like sharing photos that captured things that experienced or a bit of my thoughts. I moved from the previous blog service (they could not compete with other social networks). WordPress seems to fit my need most although it does not offer the same features my previous blog service.

    • Me too…I like sharing my photo’s and other things …really what ever comes to my thoughts about a photo I took or I may just blog something I find interesting and would like to share with others…I love being creative and WordPress has really given me the opportunity to express this.:)

  3. I thought it would be a good idea to chronicle my writing journey. WordPress came up most often in my searches, and I instinctively felt it would be a good place for me – and it has been.

    What about you? 🙂

    • WordPress is a great place to chronicle your writing as for me I actually stumbled across WordPress from someone i followed on You tube and discovered how easy it was to create a blog…..and decided to create one to show my love of Photography to the world…..I also enjoy reading other peoples blogs and meeting new people from around the world……WordPress has a very good community of very talented people and I am glad to be part of the WordPress Family.

  4. I had a story to tell and people I wanted to reach and comfort. I blogged for many a year on LiveJournal until I had enough of the site being down which led me to look at WordPress and Blogger. I chose WordPress because it just seemed so simple.

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