Rainbow in The Clouds

Rainbow in the clouds

Rainbow in the clouds

This is what appeared in the sky last week. It was strange to see this. I always expect to see a rainbow after it rains, but on this day there had been no rain and it just appeared in the clouds.


Canada goose

Canada Goose

"Where did everyone go?"

“Where did everyone go?”

"Which way should I go"

“Which way should we go”

I spotted these guys in a parking lot in Reno, Nevada.


1000 likes Buttton

Today I received my 1000 likes button. ……….I just thought I would do a blog to share with the world the beauty that I see when I am out in Nature and to become better skilled at photography. I never thought I would reach a 1000 likes this year. WOW!!! I am so grateful to do this and to share my photography with all of you. I would like to Thank all who have liked my post, because with your support, I’m encouraged to continue with my Love of Photography and share it with all of you……Again a great BIG Thank you…:)